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This page contains just a sampling of the files that appear on the Flow Research Go With the Flow CD. In fact, the free CD contains many, many more files than the ones shown here.

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Here is a sampling of the Articles & Research Files about Flow & Temperature that are included on the disc.

2017: The year of oil: How the oil price crash affected the global flowmeter market - Fluid Handling International,November/December 2016

Why We Need More Gas Flow Calibration Facilities - Flow Control, October 2015

Calibration & Recalibration: Techniques and Tactics for Ensuring the Reliability of your Flowmeters - Flow Control,September 2015

How Mass Flow Controllers are Making Their Mark in Industry - Flow Control, August 2015

Measuring Hydrocarbon Fluids Using Wet Gas, Watercut, and Multiphase Meters - Pipeline & Gas Journal, July 2015

Considering Flowmeter Calibration: A look at the labs that ensure the consistency and accuracy of critical flow measurements - Flow Control, July 2015

Coriolis Flow Measurement: Past, Present & Future - Flow Control, May 2015

LNG’S Role In the Natural Gas Marketplace - Flow Control, March 2015

FLOWMETERS for Oil & Gas Measurement: How flow measurement technology is responding to changes in the energy sector - Flow Control, February 2015

Energy and Large-Pipe Applications Drive Coriolis Technology to New Heights - Flow Control, December 2014 

How Hydraulic Fracturing Is Influencing the Price of Oil - Flow Control, December 2014

Emissions Monitoring Applications Propel Thermal Flowmeter Market - Flow Control, December 2014

Vortex Flowmeters Prove Their Worth In Steam Flow Measurement - Flow Control, December 2014

Custody-Transfer Applications Drive Ultrasonic Flowmeter Growth - Flow Control, December 2014

Turbine Flowmeters Remain Competitive in Turbulent Market - Flow Control, December 2014

PD Flowmeters Poised to Gain from Oil & Gas Application Opportunities - Flow Control, December 2014 

Magmeters Top the Market In Revenue - Flow Control, December 2014

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Information about Recent Studies, incuding these:

Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 6th Edition

The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 5th Edition

The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 5th Edition 

The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 6th Edition 

The World Market for Vortex Flowmeters, 5th Edition 

The World Market for Steam Flow Measurement

All about the Worldflow Monitoring Service:

Market Barometer Overview  

Excerpt from recent Market Barometer issue

Energy Monitor Overview  

Excerpt from recent Energy Monitor issue  


Philosophy Files and Songs:

Featuring The King of Flow

The King of Flow - A song written and sung by Michael Kirsch. This song requires Real Player. Click to download a free version of Real Player.

Flowtime - A Form of Decimal Time. To see a flowtime clock, click here.

Shades of Experience 
by Jesse Yoder

Chapter One - Viewpoint Pluralism
Chapter Three - Duonyms

"A laughhead, he laughs uproariously at things that others find barely amusing."

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